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Ergoup - Outstanding Brand of Ergonomic Chairs 2023

Ergoup - outstanding brand of ergonomic chairs 2023

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About the Brand Ergonomic Chair ERGOUPErgoup is a trademark of Guangzhou Ceyou Furniture Co., Ltd., specializing in the research and production of high-end smart office furniture products.In particular, Ergroup is known for its high-end to low-priced ergonomic furniture lines. Its famous line of erg...

Why Apple Employees Have To Stand To Work ?

Why apple employees have to stand to work ?

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Claiming that "sitting is the new cancer", Tim Cook encourages all of his employees at Apple Park to use standing desks.Most of what happens inside Apple Park, the new headquarters of the iPhone maker, is top secret. However, according to Business Insider, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently revealed a new ...

The Best Lifting Table Model 2023 At ErgoLife

The best lifting table model 2023 at ergolife

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Smart lifting tables are a new interior design trend that is gaining popularity. Today, the era of technology 4.0 is developing and increasingly promoting the use of technology in people's daily work.Having to sit for a lot of work causes many harms to workers, especially office workers who often ha...

Height Adjustable Lifting Table ERD-2300

Height adjustable lifting table erd-2300

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The height-adjustable lifting table makes your workspace more comfortable, is a work device that improves health, allows you to freely stand or sit while working. ERD-2300 height-adjustable lifting table is an adjustable model with a simple and compact touch keyboard, modern design, can be raised an...

Is It Better To Stand To Work Or Sit To Work?

Is it better to stand to work or sit to work?

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Doctors say that standing posture when working helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestion and increase life expectancy. Currently, some teachers of RMIT University in Ho Chi Minh City have adopted a standing posture when working. These teachers said sitting for too long to...

Working Table - 4 Amazing Benefits

Working table - 4 amazing benefits

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Flexispot ET223BZ lifting table at ErgolifeStanding desks bring many benefits to your health and comfort. Using a standing desk can make you more alert, energized, and focused on the task at hand. An adjustable-height desk can even help you burn calories, lose weight, and live longer. What more do y...

Height-Adjustable Lifting Table For Effective Health Improvement

Height-adjustable lifting table for effective health improvement

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How do you think about owning a smart lifting table with the ability to change the height at the touch of a button?Have you ever imagined how life, work and health will change? If you could change your working position flexibly from sitting to standing and vice versa, how much would you use for sitt...

Ergonomic Office Design Helps Employees Feel Happy

Ergonomic office design helps employees feel happy

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Let's analyze how design focused on user experience ushered in a new era for office interior design.In addition to factors such as the business sector of the business, number of employees or corporate culture, there are countless other factors that affect the design of a modern office. A recent stud...

Smart Office: A Place To Connect And Retain Talents

Smart office: a place to connect and retain talents

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Building a "smart" office is all about 3 physical and mental values for employees and improving corporate culture.Many people still say that the office is the second home, but in my opinion, it is the "main house". Because on average, a person has 8-10 hours of work in a day, if excluding sleep time...

Ways to Help Office People Relieve Neck Pain

Ways to help office people relieve neck pain

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Here are 5 tips from Ergolife to help you easily improve the problems that cause neck and back pain, which greatly affect your work. 1. Practice good postureWhen sitting at your desk, put your feet on the floor and keep your back against the chair, your head straightTo help avoid arching your b...

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