ErgoLife is responsible for free warranty for products distributed by ErgoLife throughout the territory of Vietnam when the following conditions are met:

- Product is still in warranty period.

- 3 years warranty for desk frame and chair, the other product depend on Warranty card.

- The external serial number must be intact and not be erased or modified.

- The warranty stamp of ErgoLife must be intact.

- Products that need warranty must be sent to Ergolife’s service center, except for products that are warranted on the spot.


In the following cases, the product will not be covered by a free warranty. At that time, ErgoLife will charge repair fees and replacement components after notifying customers and obtaining the written consent of customers:

- The customer violates one of the terms of the “Warranty Terms”.

- Products damaged by wars, natural disasters, fires, and transportation.

- The product is damaged due to environment, dropping, impacting, installing, and using not in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations (using – exceeding the prescribed capacity, failing to maintain or improperly maintaining …).

- All the error not from factory.


- ErgoLife will not assume any responsibility for any unintended damages occurring during the purchase, installation, use, service, or improper use of the product.

- ErgoLife will not be liable for damages including loss of revenue or profit, loss of data affecting the system or failure to synchronize with the system, loss of time, loss of rights to use the product, or financial for any substitutes, conditions or services claiming damages or disputes between the customer and his partner as a result of the goods, either directly or indirectly.